Originating in Denmark, "cohousing" balances the privacy of your own home with the benefit of living in a vibrant and connected community.

Cohousing is an intentional neighborhood in which neighbors become friends and private homes are clustered around shared space. It is carefully designed to create a socially rich and interconnected community. Each attached or single family home has all the traditional amenities, including private kitchens. Shared spaces typically feature a common house, which may include a large kitchen and dining area, laundry, and recreational spaces. Shared outdoor space may include parking, walkways, open space, and gardens. Neighbors also share resources like tools and lawnmowers.

Households have independent incomes and private lives, but neighbors collaboratively plan and manage community activities, shared spaces and decision making. The legal structure is typically an Home Owners Association, Condominium Association, or Housing Cooperative. Living in a community where everyone is a familiar face provides enhanced safety and security. Community activities feature regularly-scheduled shared meals, meetings, and workdays. Neighbors gather for parties, games, movies, or other events.

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Photos from existing communities: Nevada City Cohousing, Silver Sage Village, OakCreek Community, Quimper Village, and Wolf Creek Lodge

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Cohousing is about more than architecture and consensus. At its core, cohousing is a lifestyle choice that promotes connection, community, sharing and togetherness.


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Nevada City Cohousing