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We are a group of friendly, engaged and proactive adults who have created Tulsa’s first cohousing community. We believe cohousing provides the perfect balance of privacy and the interdependence of community that enables people to live independently longer, with healthier and more active social lives.
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Pat is a native Texan, raised in Beaumont and has been a Tulsan for more than 40 years. He met his husband, John, in a church rectory. He is a former accountant and financial administrator in the oilfield supply chain. He was a co-owner of Finales Restaurant in the late ‘90s. One of Pat’s passions is theatre, both as an actor in musicals and as a producer of cabaret shows. He and John love to travel, most recently on a 2-week trip to Italy. Why cohousing…” We just happened to be in the right place and the right state of mind.”
John is a retired 5th grade math and science teacher. He hails from Danville, IL and has lived in Tulsa for 28 years with his husband, Pat, and their Westie, Maggie. In 2010, he did a 2 ½ month teacher exchange to China. He shares the passion for theatre with Pat and performs in local musical productions. He is also a Linnaeus Teaching Garden volunteer, and their home is a registered monarch butterfly waystation. He has raised and released over 100 butterflies this past year. He sees cohousing as…”A place to live with like-minded, active people. A support system you can depend on. A way to downsize my life.” 
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Jan was born in Okmulgee, OK, raised in Sapulpa, OK and has lived in the Tulsa area all of her life. She has raised 2 wonderful sons and has 1 grandchild. Pets include her cat, Arabella. Her career has been in nursing and education. If money were no object, she’d travel to Greece and Mars. When watching sports, she roots for the underdog. Jan’s reason for cohousing…“The prospect of being self-sufficient until the end with a little help from good friends.”
Fred has been a lifelong Tulsan, with the exceptions of 4 years in college and 4 years in the Navy. He is married to Lynn. They share life with cats, Thistle and George, 3 children and 1 grandson. Fred retired after 40 years of private law practice. He would love to travel the world, with New Zealand as a future destination. A skilled woodworker, he looks forward to sharing his talents with the community.  His reason for cohousing…”Lynn’s involvement.”
Lynn was born in Scranton, PA, and raised in Tulsa, where she has lived over 50 years. Married to Fred, she is a retired English Lit/Writing teacher. During her career at University of Tulsa, she specialized in working with foreign students. Lynn is an avid quilter and enjoys practicing the art of yoga. Her attraction to cohousing…“…physical proximity to others with like values, the strength of a group of people, the fun of neighbors I not only know but like, and to be part of something bigger than myself.”
Marcia is originally from Long Beach, CA, but raised in Tulsa. She is married to Sherrill, with 4 children and 9 grandchildren. Retired from a career in accounting, she loves spending time at Grand Lake with family and friends. Marcia enjoys traveling throughout the USA. One recent memorable trip was spending the 4th of July in Washington, DC. She roots for the OKC Thunder and Nashville Predators (NHL). Cohousing’s allure for Marcia…“Downsizing!”
Sherrill is originally from Miami, OK, but has lived in Tulsa for 60 years. He is married to Marcia and is retired from his position as Bursar at the University of Tulsa. Marcia and Sherrill love to take road trips, including a recent bucket list journey to the Navajo Rug Auction, Crownpointe, NM. He enjoys gardening and woodworking. Sherrill has chosen cohousing for…“his friends, his wife, and downsizing.” 
Suzy is a native Oklahoman, born in Oklahoma City and raised in Tulsa. She has spent her career in the non-profit sector, currently serving as Director of Development at Youth Services of Tulsa. Suzy also spent 30+ years working at LIFE Senior Services. She has 1 daughter in Washington, DC and a step-son and his family in St. Louis. She shares her home with her dog, Molly. Travel and music are important parts of her life. Suzy’s reason for cohousing…“living in a supportive community, proximity for socialization, aging in place, being able to shut my door and leave knowing everything will be ok.”
Anne was born and raised in Missouri and has lived in Tulsa over 20 years. She is a retired college mathematics educator. She shares her home with her husband, Charles, along with cats, Momma and Molly, and dog, Jessie. Anne loves to ride horses and raised them for many years. She’s a St. Louis Cardinals fan. What appeals to Anne about cohousing…“close friends, green living.”
Claudia was born in Oklahoma City, OK, raised in Sulphur, OK, and has lived in the Tulsa area for 45 years. Married to Larry, she is retired from accounting positions at ONG and ONEOK. They have a daughter and a granddaughter. They live with Pugs, Max and Millie. Claudia is a Tulsa Master Gardener and raises butterflies. Her sense of adventure led her to recently hike Machu Picchu with her daughter.    What Claudia likes about cohousing is…“The sense of community.”
Larry is an Enid, OK native, but grew up in Hennessey, Lindsay, Minco, and Healdton, OK, landing in Tulsa for the past 45 years. He is married to Claudia. Larry’s been a sailor, an insurance claims adjuster, an independent oil and gas landman, and finally a sixth-grade teacher for 23 years. He loves being Mr. Mom to his granddaughters. His bucket list includes visiting Australia and New Zealand. What drew Larry to cohousing…”My wife, and the overall concept is very appealing.”
  Marcy was born at Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma and has lived in the Tulsa area for 46 years. She has worked as an art director, graphic designer, technical illustrator and commercial artist.  For fun, Marcy loves to be a lifelong artist in her cooking, dance (Contra, Scottish, Irish, English), painting, travel and other creative endeavors. Her reason for choosing cohousing…”Ready for my next adventure in my 3rd act. Simplifying and rightsizing without losing control of my living space and activities: less dusting, more creating.”  Pat is a native of Wisconsin and has lived in the Tulsa area for 38 years. She is retired from being a registered nurse, but volunteers her time at Emergency Infant Services and St. Mary’s Church Outreach Ministry. She loves traveling around the globe, recently visiting Ireland. Her favorite form of entertaining is cooking for family and friends. Pat’s excited to participate in creating our new neighborhood. She is attracted to cohousing by “the close sense of community, returning to that small town feeling of really knowing your neighbors, and they become an extension of your family.” Sherry was born in Missouri, but has lived most of her life in the Tulsa area. Though retired, she is a co-owner of an industrial parts distribution company. She volunteers with Helping Hands Ministry. Sherry loves to travel and has recently crossed Alaska off her bucket list. For pleasure, she enjoys historical novels, gardening, yoga, languages, and woodworking. Sherry was drawn to cohousing by the “the community spirit; being connected to your neighbors.” Darlene is an Oklahoma City native and has lived nearly 40 years in the Tulsa area. She is a retired accountant, mostly for private industry and oilfield supply. Darlene is active in the Democratic Party and Moms Demand Action. She enjoys the arts, movies and travel (Paris, London, Baltics, Orlando). Darlene was attracted to cohousing by “community, number one. Living lightly on the land, rightsizing my living space, freeing up more time to travel and volunteer.” Charla was born and raised in Stillwater, OK. She is retired from American Airlines, where she served as a Master Planner in Maintenance and Engineering. Charla enjoys volunteering for her church community, All Souls Unitarian. She loves to have coffee with friends and attends the Tulsa Symphony and Chamber Music Tulsa. She is a world traveler and would love to continue travelling the world by ocean voyage and train. Her current bucket list includes a trip to Northern Ireland and moving into Heartwood Commons, which drew her in as “a close community where everyone knows and supports everyone else and socializes together.” Katie grew up in an Air Force family and saw the world courtesy of Uncle Sam before settling in San Antonio, TX. As an adult, she lived in Austin, France and the DC area (Silver Springs, MD), and northern NJ (South Orange) before returning to San Antonio. Katie is a technical writer who has worked in IT, engineering, and oilfield technology. After decades toiling in cube farms, she found a work-from-home position as a contractor for IBM just in time to avoid the open-office trend. Katie enjoys swimming laps (barely), volunteering with dog rescue, and attending all-country music festivals. She lived in a cohousing community in Silver Springs for several years and looks forward to living in community at Heartwood Commons in Tulsa. Audrey was born and raised in southeastern Minnesota. She is married to Mike McMullin and has two stepsons, Sam and Tim, who continue to live in Minnesota. Cricket, her beloved Tibetan terrier, shares their household. Mike and Audrey moved to northwest Arkansas 5 ½ years ago. She continues to work as a nurse practitioner on an inpatient palliative and supportive care consultation service. Audrey enjoys many outdoor activities. She is also an avid reader; enjoys music and crafts. She has had a long time interest in building community. “I’m very excited that living in community is going to be a reality.”   Mike was raised in Iowa, but has spent most of his adult life in various areas of Minnesota. He and his wife Audrey moved to NW Arkansas when Mike retired about five years ago. For twenty-five years he made custom boots and shoes. Then after a few years working for Indian Health Service, he returned to school at age 47 to become a physician assistant, working in rural and underserved clinics for 15 years. He has two sons who still live in Minnesota. Mike enjoys both listening to and making music and doing almost anything outdoors. Pastimes include woodworking and blacksmithing. His reason for joining cohousing: “It is time to focus on community as I enter my next life chapter.  It is also time for more doing, and less having.” Annette is originally from Canada but calls Tulsa home. She has been a teacher for nearly 50 years. She has two daughters. Her retirement plans include more traveling and time to enjoy life. She is drawn to cohousing because: “We all do better when we have people around us. I’m so looking forward to sharing meals and conversations with others, and to us looking out for each other.” Marian was born in Salina, Kansas and raised in Olney, Oklahoma. She has lived in Ponca City for 27 years where she shares her home with her cat, Katie Bug, and her dog, Rebel. Her two adult children live in Ponca City also. She has worked as a Clinical Laboratory Scientist in hospitals for 40 years. She’s passionate about genealogy. She loves reading and is looking forward to volunteering in Tulsa libraries. She loves contemporary board games and is looking forward to hosting game parties in the common house. She’s attracted to cohousing and looks forward to “being part a socially rich and interconnected community with shared resources that embraces sustainable living to reduce the Earth's natural resources, and one's personal resources.” Alice was born in Belleview, IL, raised in Bartlesville, OK, and has lived in the Tulsa area for 38 years.  She is a retired accountant with a degree from Louisiana Tech. Alice loves to travel (England, Scotland, Italy, Germany and Switzerland), and her bucket list includes a trek to Egypt! As a volunteer, Alice likes to be involved with local arts groups as a costumer. She finds that creative people are an inspiring and fun group. She roots for the Pittsburg Penguins hockey team. Alice has joined Heartwood Commons in order to “have a sense of belonging to a community.” Tricia loves traveling! As a flight attendant on Delta Airlines for 30 years she logged thousands of air miles. As a retiree she enjoys the perks of free travel and has traveled all over the world. She learned to snow ski in Voss Norway and Ireland is one of her favorite trips. She has set her sights on Italy next. Her second retirement was from Sandridge Energy as an executive assistant. Tricia was born in Texas, raised in Lawton, OK and lived in the Dallas area for many years. She moved to Tulsa in 2012 when she married husband, Tom. They shared many interests including music. He was a well-known Bluegrass and Folk musician. She sings and plays ukulele. She loves bike riding and has ridden in 9 Oklahoma Freewheels. She and Tom rode their bicycles from California to Florida three years ago. That’s about 2,500 miles!

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