The process has begun! 

We've completed the home designs for our beautiful, green 4.8 acre property. Nestled in a quiet neighborhood at 7141 S Quincy, it offers easy access to amenities. We're close to RiverParks, the Gathering Place, Turkey Mountain, shopping, and only a few minutes from downtown. 


Attending an event is the best way to see the designs, meet members, and explore the choosing lifestyle.


The architect team we've selected brings together the architectural, cohousing and sustainability design skills and experience we need to bring our vision to reality. As a community, we've completed an extensive design process of our private homes, our common house and other shared amenities. 

We're currently adding new Members and Explorers


What's Next

  • City Permitting & Hire Construction Team Winter 2019

  • Preparation of Construction Documents Fall 2019

  • Construction begins Spring 2020

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Cohousing Solutions

Katie McCamant, CoHousing Solutions' President, studied cohousing in Denmark and co-wrote the seminal book Creating Cohousing: Building Sustainable Communities. She has over 30 years of experience in cohousing architecture, development and consulting.


Jones Design Studio, PLLC

At JDS, creating a more sustainable future is our heartbeat. It's why we exist and why we love our work. 

Building a beautiful, sustainable, resilient future infuses everything we do. Every day.



An initial community presentation in early 2016 was attended by 75 people. Several more community meetings and an interview on our local PBS radio station, KWGS, stirred up even more interest.

Studying and taking inspiration from The Senior Cohousing Handbook: A Community Approach to Independent Living by Charles Durrett, we launched our first 10-week Study Group 1: Aging Successful/Aging in Place in the fall. Out of it, a core group was formed to move the idea forward. In February, we officially formed Green Country Cohousing, LLC as a vehicle to develop our community. 

In April, we visited Oakcreek, Oklahoma’s only cohousing community, in Stillwater. It was love at first sight!


In May 2017, we brought national cohousing experts Kathryn McCamant and Charles Durrett to Tulsa for a public presentation on cohousing and a weekend-long “Getting It Built” Workshop. We came away energized, overwhelmed, and fully committed to creating a cohousing community here in Tulsa.

Since then, we’ve been meeting regularly, gathering for monthly social events, formed work teams, and hired Cohousing Solutions/Kathryn McCamant to be our development consultant.


We began 2018 with a core group of members and a solid plan to research and find a location for our community. Informed by our vision and values we have selected and will soon purchase land and begin the design phase of our community. 


In 2019 we are beginning to see our dreams become reality. We purchased a 4.8 site nestled in a quiet neighborhood at 7141 S. Quincy Ave. We hired our architect team of Jones Design Studio, PLLC and Caddis PC. We completed a series of design workshops, led by our architects, laying out the plans of what our community will actually look like including the site plan and the plans for the individual homes, common house and shared amenities. Kathryn McCamant, national cohousing cofounder joined us for a weekend to help reveal our designs and answer any questions about the cohousing lifestyle. We are getting ready to begin construction next year!


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