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Linda and Phil Berrey

Linda and Phil downsized into a rented house anticipating a future move to Colorado. During a car trip in September they began to warm to the idea that Tulsa was as “near to a perfect spot as any” to live into their retirement years. About that time, they read a newspaper article about our groundbreaking and decided Heartwood Commons might be a good fit for them. 


Born and raised in Texas, Linda is a retired newspaper reporter, librarian, church education director and worship coordinator. She was the publication editor at the world-renowned Chautauqua Institution in Chautauqua, New York. She currently volunteers with Reading Partners.


Phil was born in North Carolina and grew up in 6 different states. He is semi-retired after 45 years in the petroleum refining industry. 


The couple have lived in Tulsa for 14 years and share their home with feline friends, Ruby and Luna. They have 2 sons living in Atlanta and Bogota. They enjoy traveling on Rick Steves tours and have been to many European countries as well as South America and Cuba. If the pandemic hadn’t happened, they had hoped to be traveling to France or Canada this year. 


Linda likes to play board games, and in the past, has played all weekend on visits with her sister in Texas.  While she doesn’t enjoy performing for others, Linda plays piano “well enough for hymns” and enjoys “banging away” at the hammered dulcimer. Fun fact: Linda has written 2 screen plays and 30 chapters of a novel. She reports she is “unfortunately, easily distracted.”


Phil played guitar regularly until 7 years ago when his son “borrowed” his instrument. Recently, it has been returned and he is limbering up his fingers and gradually learning to play again. He admits that his “best instrument is the radio.” He also likes woodworking.


The couple are attracted to cohousing by the idea of “actually knowing your neighbors” (Phil) and “belonging to a community” (Linda). They have collected old furniture from churches over the years. Linda has a favorite one, a pew, which she thinks with a good coat of weatherproofing paint would work great on their front porch. Phil admitted they have been “arranging their furniture in their heads” for their potential home in Heartwood Commons.


We invite you to check out one of our EVENTS where you'll discover more about Heartwood Commons and meet members of our community. Call Suzy at 918-519-5298 or email for more information. 

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