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Gail has been interested in cohousing for many years, having grown up on military bases, where everyone knew everyone and was friendly. She moved to OKC during her senior year in high school and except for graduate school, has been there ever since. She has lived in the same house since 1981 which she describes as “eclectic” in design. Understandable, as she is an artist and art teacher. Her artistic endeavors focus on jewelry making. Her most recent piece used a “bloodless” diamond and recycled gold. 


As an explorer she sees the value in gardening (“more tomato plants and other fresh food”), recycling, and creating art together (“It’s all about creating”). She is happy the Common House has a room specifically for arts and crafts. And she has a drill press she would offer to the tool library.


Like several members of Heartwood Commons, Gail enjoys bicycling and hiking. She’s ridden a 300-mile ride in Colorado, Freewheel Oklahoma, and hiked the Grand Canyon. A strand of pearls is standard attire for Gail. She began wearing them many years ago as a way for her welding instructor to tell her apart from her male classmates.


Gail’s household includes her 17-year-old daughter, Rita, and Cindy Lou, Rita’s Yorkie-poo therapy dog. We hope to soon welcome Gail to the membership ranks!


We invite you to check out one of our EVENTS where you'll discover more about Heartwood Commons and meet members of our community. Call Suzy at 918-519-5298 or email for more information. 

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