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PORCH CHATS: Great Conversations You’ll Overhear at Heartwood Commons
Porch Sitting with Marian  
by Jan Owen, community member

Our porch chat with Marian begins on a sunny day with Marian disguised behind her dark glasses. She and her daughter, Jessica, are deep in a game of dominoes. Whether it’s for a friendly game of dominoes or a week-long stay in the common house guest suite, we will all enjoy our visits with loved ones at Heartwood Commons. And while Jessica is a little camera shy today, she agrees with us. Besides her love of games, Marian later reveals another side of her personality as she enjoys sharing a Feng Shui book that she has had for many years. She explains that she was exposed to some of the more esoteric philosophies at the age of 14 by an older brother. While many of the ideas he shared have fallen by the wayside, she admits to having a passion for Feng Shui. She appreciates how design, color and furniture arrangement can affect our moods, health and happiness. She also dabbles in aromatherapy and shyly admits to having a few crystals around the house because she likes the way they look. I’m sure she will be glad to share her interests with us so that we can all have colorful, sweet smelling, peaceful homes.


We invite you to discover porch sitting – Heartwood Commons style – with a home of your own in our community.

Call Suzy at 918-519-5298 or email for more information. 

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