We are building a community where neighbors become friends

Our group is welcoming and open. We value connection and sustainability, acceptance and diversity, health and wellness, and fun and support. Some of us are single, some married, some working, some retired. We have no common political or religious orientation, only a​ ​shared desire to live in a neighborhood that fosters an active and supportive community life.


Heartwood Commons is a vibrant, welcoming, intentional community whose members acknowledge and celebrate our connection to one another and nature in a caring, compassionate, respectful, and sustainable environment.


Our core values are the foundation of all we do.
See how they line up with your own.

We hold and manifest these values, which inform our relationships with one another, with our community, with our environment, and within ourselves.

  • Active participation in the community to create connections that support one another and build an authentic sense of belonging

  • Respect for a balance of personal privacy, community life, and interests/involvement beyond cohousing

  • Living lightly, mindfully and sustainably on the land

  • Working, learning and playing together, mindful of the common good

  • Strength through trust, diversity and inclusiveness

  • Creating an environment conducive to healthy lifestyles and successful aging in place

  • Commitment to consensus decision-making using an evolving process

  • Commitment to mindful and compassionate conflict resolution

  • Transparency in our operations and decisions