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#10 – Financial

Sharing resources, upkeep and maintenance costs, and reduced utilities from well-built, energy efficient homes saves money. Active engagement with others reduces isolation and improves health, reducing the need for more expensive levels of care. 


#9 – House Size

By rightsizing our living space, cohousing homes, are better designed to meet our needs. The common house is a central gathering place for shared meals, activities, and celebrations. 

#8 – Maintenance Costs

Cohousing homes are energy-efficient and easy to maintain – saving money and time. Outside maintenance in managed collectively through a homeowners association. 

#7 – Friendship

With neighbors who become friends just steps away, shared conversation, meals and activities are made easy and the negative impact of isolation banished. 

#6 – Shared Resources

Sharing a garden, tools, laundry facilities, parking, art supplies, work projects and more makes life simpler and more cost-effective. 

#5 – Meals

Common meals, shared several times a week, provide companionship, healthy food, great conversations, and guaranteed fun. 

#4 – I Don't Want To Be a Burden

Cohousing contributes to health and independence and reduces the burden of caregiving on loved ones near and far. Family time can be spent enjoying each other’s company rather than focused on projects, repairs or assistance with other matters. 


#3 – Belonging 

We all want to feel connected, a part of something that we have value, and that we have something to contribute. Cohousing provides connections and a close-knit community where you belong and contribute. 

#2 – Safety, Security and Less Stress

With our neighborhood unfolding just outside our front doors, we watch out for one another, offer help when needed, and feel less vulnerable.


#1 – Healthy, Longer Lives

An active social life helps us stay involved in activities that keep us fit in body and mind, and reduces the negative impact of isolation. Helping and working for and with others gives us a sense of purpose. Studies have shown these factors often lead to a healthier and longer life and improved mental health. 

 *Adapted from The Senior Cohousing Handbook: A Community Approach to Independent Living by Charles Durrett 


Now more than ever, community matters.

Learn how you can secure your future with a community you can lean on by speaking with community member Suzy Sharp at 918-519-5298.  

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