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PORCH CHATS: Great Conversations You’ll Overhear at Heartwood Commons
Porch Sitting with Pat  
by Jan Owen, community member

A beautiful afternoon finds Pat sitting outside for our “porch chat.” She envisions lots of happy hours on her Heartwood Commons porch doing what she likes to do most – reading. On her front porch she’ll easily see neighbors walk by and looks forward to visiting about what they are reading. Today, the happy sound of chirping birds and windchimes accompany our conversation. Her latest read – “The Kite Runner.” She’s enjoying learning about Middle Eastern culture. She’s feeling grateful for her life here in Tulsa and is looking forward to living in cohousing.


We invite you to discover porch sitting – Heartwood Commons style – with a home of your own in our community.

Call Suzy at 918-519-5298 or email for more information. 

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