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PORCH CHATS: Great Conversations You’ll Overhear at Heartwood Commons
Porch Sitting with Marcia and Sherrill  
by Jan Owen, community member
Marcia and Sherrill.jpg

Stepping into Marcia and Sherrill’s yard is a dizzying experience of waterfalls, windchimes, whirligigs, bird feeders, koi pond, clay and metal sculptures and one large blue “bottle tree”. Everywhere you look is something interesting and remarkable. We sat for our porch chat with a cup of coffee while Sherrill explained the origin of the some of the eye-catching yard art. It turns out, he created the ceramic pieces himself. Other items were purchased or commissioned.  As the talk turned to Heartwood Commons the couple refused to speculate on which of the treasured items would be included in their Heartwood Commons porch view. We can’t wait to see how their creativity will enhance our new neighborhood. 


We invite you to discover porch sitting – Heartwood Commons style – with a home of your own in our community.

Call Suzy at 918-519-5298 or email for more information. 

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